Get yer Grump On!

The San Francisco WonderCon is right around the corner! I'll be there at the Aspen Comics booth all weekend, so come say hello!!

Do you want me to pack you some special free Grump-ness? Leave a comment by Thursday night and I'll bring something just for you!

Right now I'm feeling like the Grump bottom-right.
By Thursday I'll be approaching Grump top-center,
but if you comment I'll be more like Grump bottom-left!

See you in San Francisco!!


PBJ's for lunch

Another marker/pen trading card.
I'm just going to keep trying these 'till they get good!


Paint Pen Practice

I bought some paint pens over the weekend and thought I'd try them out. I used mostly Copic markers and DecoColor pens for this.

I'm pretty sure I'll be going to the San Francisco WonderCon this month. If you'll be there too, let me know in the comments and I'll bring something for ya!

I'll make sure to post more info about it when the date gets closer.


Thanks New York!

Here's something from my sketchbook. I messed around with it off and on throughout Saturday at the convention.

For the last few conventions I've been offering free Grump stuff for blog commenters. Art was the lone commenter for the New York Comic con goodies. Here are the mini prints he got. Besides these prints, he got some stickers, magnets AND a one of a kind Grump drawing made just for him :)

I'm glad to have met you Art!

I also had fun chatting it up with Jessie pictured below (on the left!).

It was nice meeting Jeff Balke, and also ChrisShields:iconChrisShields: from DeviantArt.

I wish I didn't have to wait until October 2010 for the next NYCC.

The San Diego Comicon will have to do for now.


New York-Bound

It's about that time!

I'm on my way to the New York Comic Con. I'll be packing some art for Art (looking forward to meeting you!)

I will also have a few mini Grump prints to sell, plus free stickers and magnets.

See you at the Aspen Comics booth!