Practicing with the paint...

...so far I've got the white square down.


Super Wizard World Chicago

I had a great time meeting all of you in Chicago! I've been hanging on to this Shrugged #6 cover, but it has already been released as the Wizard World Chicago 2007 variant for the issue, so up it goes!

A little about coloring this cover...

I printed two copies of Micah Gunnell's line art on a board and made a mess with some watercolor. On one copy I did the background textures and foreground on the second copy, then scanned it. I foolishly thought I could drop out the line art if I deleted the black channel in Photoshop. That didn't work, but with a lot of cleaning up I was able to slide the watercolor under the original line art file. A lot of work went into tweaking the colors in Photoshop. The watercolored boards eventually found their way into the round file bin.

Ta-da! Anyway....

Thanks to the people that let me know they come around this blog every now and again. I feel like I messed up a couple of your sketchbooks with my rookie attempts. Next year I'll knock your socks off (well...I'll try really hard to).

I came home to a digital stack of Loners #5 and Shrugged #7 pages so I'll be away coloring those for a while. Wish me luck!


Hello Wizard World Chicago!

Edit 8/16: This t-shirt is a heat transfer I printed out and ironed on in a mad rush before the convention. It's hand wash only (which is a t-shirt deal-breaker for me) and faded considerably at that.
I've ordered a proper one from Zazzle.com and if it's much better I'll be going about it that way instead.

I'll be in Chicago this weekend passing out free stickers and spreading the Grumpiness to all!

When I'm not signing at the Aspen booth I'll be hanging out with Christina Strain (superstar colorist) in Artist Alley.

I'm looking forward to seeing some of you there!

...I mean to say I'm looking forward to seeing everyone who goes, not that there are some of you whom I'm not looking forward to seeing...am I still typing...?


When did Manny swipe Grump's ride?

Where's the love, Manny? Honestly.

I hope you like!