Iron and the Maiden #4

I guess this is ok to post since it's on CBR now. I've never colored over Jim Lee before. It was fun! He's easy to please. Or maybe he was just being gentle with me. I think it was the latter, actually.

Here's the biggest correction. Iron's grill! What happened!? My first try was terrible. I couldn't make sense of the line art I was coloring. Jim told me to just send it back and he'd fix it himself on his cintiq. I thought I could fix it myself so I gave it a try before I sent it over. It was a huge help that Joel kept a copy of the pencils. That's what I used as reference for my changes that Jim approved. Go me!


They're on their way somewhere...

Poor guys picked the hottest day to go.


If heat was daisies, this would be me.

I don't have much else to say. My computer and I are about to burst into flames.