A very special thank you.

Hmm. I don't know what to say about this one. The creep factor was unintentional, but as it steadily increased I kind of ran with it. Now it looks like it should be hanging in the Haunted Mansion! I like that.

Grump really does like his new, agreeable, solar powered Friend though!

Thank you!!


The cost of 'casual' at the con...


So I went blog-fishing a couple of days ago and everyone's latest post was either
~Are you ready for San Diego Comicon?~
~It's that time of year again!~

Of course I thought "ME TOO!" so here's my Comicon post!
And no, I am most definitely not ready.



Hairs blowin' in the wind.
I hope he's coming down my street.


I think she's cute.

No, It's not Grump in a wig!

They haven't even met......yet.


Ode to Kings Of Leon pt 1

~ More at bethsotelo.com ~ :)

About a month ago Kings of Leon announced a t-shirt contest on their website. I waited until the last minute to enter mine because of the little robbers-of-ideas I saw posting submissions. I even saw someone submit a Guy Burwell Kings of Leon gig poster. Tisk Tisk

I wanted to include the band members without swiping their promo-photos, so I hid pictures of them (from screen captures of live shows) in the L E O N.

By now there are a handful of good designs that will probably win over mine. Sad Face.


Ode to Kings Of Leon pt 2

Here's my second contest submission. I was trying to make a shirt Joel would wear. He came up with this idea.

After this, all I can say is I hate letters. Big thumbs down. At least it gave me another opportunity to try something new whilst paying homage to one of my favorite bands.


That's RIGHT!

Things have been going Grump's way for a while. Now even his team won! Whoo-hoo!!! Too many good things...

...just wait 'till security pulls this 'Grumpy' fanatic off the field.