Two more sketches

I thought I'd post a couple more of the sketches I brought to the San Diego Comic-Con. A few dozen more of these and I just might get the hang of it!


Thanks for a great SDCC!

There were a handful of people I knew I would be seeing at this year's San Diego Comic-con who were flying in from different parts of the world. These people have kept in touch with me either here or at the Aspen Comics message board for years and always have encouraging words for me, and are really nice people in general.

I wanted to make something special for them, so I collected my stickers, magnets, made a couple mini prints and made each of them a one of a kind Grump drawing!

I love having free stuff to give, so if you come around here make your presence known! I just might have a Grumpy surprise at a convention for you too.

...and apologies for ruining your sketchbooks every year.


San Diego Comicon

Marcus Fenix says, "DON'T MISS IT!"
This piece was penciled by Joel Gomez and colored by me.

Unfortunately I won't have my own spot at the con, but all my wares (including this Gears of War print) will be for sale in artist alley with

Joel Gomez
table: DD-17

I'll be at table DD-17 with him, and also at the Aspen Comics booth. If you see me, ask me for some Grump stickers!

I will also have with me to sell:











In a world
cracked dry from heat,
one Grump
kept his cool.