Off to N.Y.!

I'll be ready to post more terrific art when I get back from the New York convention this weekend.

Send me toasty thoughts.


Getting ready for Valentine's Day!

Unfortunately, Grump's nail clippings flung across the room and weren't to be found until later that Spring.


A weekend offering.

Grump shakes his fist at the world!
Next time he'll run through daisies or something cheerful.


Something new.

Grump says thumbs down.
He's just a little sketch I did so I'd have something new to add. I like him, so I'll probably post another one soon.


The cover my computer hated.

Weighing in at over 400MB, this cover killed my 1gb of ram. I did the background as a whole, but separated the foreground into four pieces. Eventually I merged the whole thing. That's when photoshop threw a tantrum.