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Just wanted to give a heads up that my blog is getting a shiny new Wordpress home, but it will still be accessible through www.bethsotelo.com once all the transferring is sorted out.

Hope to see you there!



Long Beach Comic Con Adventures

I just wanted to post a thank you to all the fine folk at the Long Beach Comic Con. It was very pleasant. I didn't get smacked with any backpacks or bags while walking around, and it was easy to meet everyone!

Here are some trading card/sketch giveaways I wanted to share.

Also, have a look at this Comic Impact Video which includes interviews from *ME*, J.T. Krul, Richard Starkings, Amanda Connor and more! Thanks Dana, for not cutting me out!

If you have iTunes, then subscribe to Comic Impact's podcast!


Long Beach Comic Con

"Umm...I was like umm...like umm..."

Finished me up some Soulfire Vol.2 #1 and onto issue #2. A little Kiani Aspen Showcase sprinkled in. Now it's time to say hello and prepare for the Long Beach Comic Con this weekend!

There will be an Aspen Panel Saturday @1:00.

There will also be a special Coloring Comics panel Saturday @3:00
Peter Steigerwald, Christina Strain, Alex Sinclair, Moose Bauman and I will be "talking about our experiences as professional comic book colorists."

I'll have some Grump Appreciation Packs to give away, so if you want one come ask me at the show. You don't have to be as awesome as Tony Parker and send me some sweet creepy-cute art like this...
*By Tony Parker*

Hope to see some of you at the show!


Empty Apartment :(

I'm the lucky owner of Francis Manapul's new 2009 Artbook AND Agnes Garbowska's book Y0u, Me, & Zombie!!! Not only that, but look at those sketches!! Grump lovin'.

Joel and I had Agnes and Francis visiting with us throughout SDCC. They're on a plane back home to Toronto, where they will enjoy two full days before they head back out to the Chicago convention.

It's always nice having them around. It's too quiet here now.

Agnes Garbowska
on Deviant:

Francis Manapul's
on Deviant: :iconmanapul:


Thank you SDCC

Here is a con sketch I did for Lenny at the San Diego Comicon.

Here is the San Diego Comicon 2009 free Grump Appreciation pack. Two mini-prints, three stickers, one magnet and one fine hand-crafted sketch.

As always, It was nice seeing all of you. Ryan, Jason, or Evic never made themselves known at the booth, but I hope you guys all did some good collecting at the show!

Next up: Long Beach!!


San Diego Comicon: Prints/Drawing list

Are you on my list?

I'm packing free goodies for the good kids, so leave your name in the comments and come meet me at the Aspen Comics booth this weekend. Make sure you add your name by Thursday, because I don't think with all the hoopla I'll have time to check once the con is underway.

Also, here are two new prints available in Artist Alley table DD-09 with Joel Gomez (colors by me).

See you there!


Aspen Matthews

Here's another commission I colored for a long time Aspen fan and friend, Thomas.

The artist is Siya.
You can find her on DeviantART here: :iconkamillyonsiya:~kamillyonsiya